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to a march first 20013 planning review that the changes to the project don't have any further environmental effect i think this is a - referred to a notice to file. this wasn't in the packet. and it's not at all clear where that's available for review. i assume it's buried in the planning departments files. i would compare this to the earlier discussion about a washington where there was any addendum. there was discussion about the. so in the future i would hope that the document is referenced in the calendar item etc. so i hope to get an answer to that and finally, i'm not sure given the location of this project what is relationship is to the earlier 8 washington that was just talked about. it sounds like this is on drum and near jackson. is there some relationship can someone explain that >> thank you, mr. cruise. members of the commissioners while it is physically the same sewer that moves along those or along the alignment their separated in need. where respect to washington we feel we need to create this redundant line because of the north shore main. physically their close to each ot
for the changes. yesterday, i reviewed the primary results of our assessments. we're taking a number of steps to review accident costs on the program. we're essentially eliminating the organizational - we also have significantly reduced city anti consultant at the prom level and we've taken a number of steps to transition our projects to city staff and we'll continue to make that go forward. i think we're far long enough to give you a preview and i'll give you a thorough presentation in april but schedule wise you ail our projects will be delivered by the july 16th deadline except for two projects. we also have the schedule of the creek project formerly known as the creek filter project that project schedule has been debated until early 2019. keep in mind that project is tied to the dam project and can't be completed until the dam is completed. budget wise we know that it will exceed the budget we're still working out all the numbers. and when you look at costs so far based on the preliminary costs but at the same time we've realized savings of 20 projects. the one project that we have has th
are better and in a way it's kind-of surprising how quickly that has changed and clearly we are in different times not having to deal with this fiscal crisis that we have dealt with what does that give you the freedom do and what to focus on that might have been on the back burner with the emergency? [inaudible] first shot >>> so, i'm very caution to say it took a lot of hard work, i remember the day we walked into the office to a 40 million deficit we had to renegotiate our contract and peenings for the first time and pension that happens an issue in california were part of the state system and still not ready for the shake-out on the development and so, i'll like to think it's -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] level and i think that what it gibbs you time do is to start working on some of these dreams and really give development opportunities and that is what it's like despite the evidence -- the general fund and in our economic outlet team and that we -- [inaudible] and working and -- of that and i know -- and i worked on chinese investments because we are looking at capital investment an
a code clean up and nick cal changes made to the planning code. over time as we noted some clarifications and corrections that needed to be made. before i invite anne marie rogers from the planning department to kind of walk you through some of those changes, there is a nonsubstantive amendment that needs to be made on page 93, line 24. basically refers to section 315 of the code which has been deleted recently and is now section 415. so, with that i want to invite anne marie rogers here. >> thank you, supervisor. and welcome to the board. anne marie rogers from the planning department and i'm here to go over a little bit of this pretty large ordinance that is before you. as you know, the people of the city of san francisco and the board of supervisors care deeply about the planning code and as a result of that it is amended about 50 times per year. that results invariably in some mistakes and some unintended consequences. as supervisor tang described, there is one ordinance found since the introduction last week, and i do have a couple other changes that i'd like to describe as well as j
school of fine art. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> changes to the constitution raising concerns over the rule of law. >> japan marking the second anniversary the deadly tsunami that sparked a nuclear meltdown. >> the world's most lavish polling station. >> the year opinion and does not like what's going on in budapest. lawmakers have passed highly controversial changes to the constitution that critics say violate the. >> they say hungary is no longer a constitutional majority. >> the set of amendments passed through a vote of 265-11 passed since to the two-thirds conservative government. it further restricts freedom of the press and includes a controversial new social measures. the socialists boycotted the vote. for more, we go to budapest where stefan is standing by. why did the government feel the need to make these changes? >> they wanted to make the changes to ensure that the constitutional court can no longer intervene in their policies. the constitutional court overruled several measures including the limitations on churches, the media,
number 1 21065, legislation changing the planning code to create the polk street alcohol use and tobacco paraphernalia restrictions. and to discuss that, supervisor chiu's office. >> good evening, commissioners. >> thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to come here and talk to you about our legislation, my name is any, chan i am a david khao*u. >> the lower polk street corridor which is in the supervisor's district spans from fer elstreet to polk street and it has a lot of great night life, but we have heard that have been quality of life issues in the corridor because of a saturation of liquor, establishments and in this section of lower polk street. the planning department has provided us data about exactly how many liquor licenses exist in this span of 6th streets and the side streets, there are about 45 existing alcohol permits in the 6-block region. and if we also include middle polk street. which goes up to fillbert street and we are laobing at a total of 121 liquor licenses. and so we do what we have heard from the neighborhood and, what we do feel is that we have rece
in the conference were initially skeptical about this, but because of some changes, they decided not to change the age at which the medicare changes would begin hitting. republicans have been promising for years that if you are 55 or older, you will not have to worry about any of these medicare changes. they were thinking of changing that at 56. there was an outcry and they abandoned that plan. now the moderates do seem to be on board. host: the washington times reporting this morning when it comes to the affordable care act, senator ted cruz, texas republican, said he will offer an amendment to delay funding for the affordable care act until the economy improves. this is an amendment to a continuing resolution to keep the government funding that the senate will work on this week. it is winning support from other republicans like senator marco rubio of florida. jonathan strong, senate democrats will also unveil a budget tomorrow. guest: the senate budget is more notable in the sense that it has been since 2009 that senate democrats passed a budget. so this is going to be a more significant pol
and change this to help our youth. >> by law existence of the california med board is set to expire next year but raums have the power to keep it going. >> san jose police hoping home security cameras can help them solve the city's ninth homicide of the year plea, say someone called 911 to report a man had been shot at about 4:30 this morning. the victim died at the scene. investigators are reaching out to neighbors to see if it shooting was maybe caught on video. in san francisco, police trying to determine how a man found crushed to death inside of a bart elevator managed to get into the elevator in the first place. the homeless man apparently was sleeping on top of the elevator with his personal belongs. >> cardinals gathered today before the conclave gets underway tomorrow. david ono how some go in a pope others come out a cardinal it was the final chance to have their say before it's time to vote. one last opportunity to speak out. >> this process immediately before going into this sistine chapel to do voting is trying to assess, you know those that are phone shall candidates and get a c
changed the law, got rid of the lack of emotional test, the a.l.i. test and now in most jurisdictions, the nontest requires that you demonstrate that you can't distinguish right from wrong. so now we have, and again, the law uses science for the law's own purposes, but what is problematic here is the disconnect. from the criminal side, if you lack emotional control, you go to prison because you can't win under the test because the test doesn't apply. when you walk out of prison and you lack emotional control, you get civilly committed. so what we have is a fundamental disconnect between how we view philosophy of free will and human control on the criminal side versus the civil side and not surprisingly on both sides "the state wins" because on the criminal side you go to prison and on the civil side, you get incarcerated civilly. >> i don't think that's much of a disconnect. i think -- so i agree with you the test has changed. that's not what i'm talking about. if you look at the kind of distribution of behavior, right, if we think the people at the high end of the distribution have p
.wgbh.org [eagle caw] >> stephen: tonight, big changes for texas. their 10-gallon hats are now 38-liters. [laughter] then, can our drone program win the war on terror? yes, if you go up, up, down down, b, a, b, a, select. [laughter] and my guest, physicist michio kaku believes an asteroid could destroy the earth. global warming, solved. [laughter] ice land is considering a ban on internet porn. now there's nothing to do in iceland. [ laughter ] this is the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) [cheers and applause] welcome to the report, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "stephen!"] thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please sit down. [cheers and applause] welcome to the show, everybody. thank you for joining us. [cheers and applause] thank you, everyone in here welcome to the program. dominus vobiscum. folks, as the cardinal of cable, i'm giving you nave to narthex coverage of pope benedict's resignation in my new series "popewatch: inde-schism 2013." [cheers and applause] remembers -- re
of which have changed over to republican. so it gives a little evidence foffer that long-term party change as well. here in the republican controlled chambers, you see a stark difference. republicans become more successful. particularly republican men are the most successful about legislating about women's issues. particularly republican men have the least to say about women's issues. they introduce the fewest bills and they pass the fewest bills. the south dakota democratic women did not even introduce anything, so they had nothing to pass. so while this is better, i saw all these partisan differences and they did not really match with a lot of research prior to that. so i am working on now trying to understand both of these party changes at the same time, especially this long-term change in how democratic and republican women see women's issues. but i wanted to point something out. i think i mentioned what has been termed the party gap. i see a big difference between democratic women increasing and increasing their election to office and republican women, as someone put it, flatlining. i
themselves. >>> we have a status report tonight on climate change and how visible it is in one of the most stunning places on the globe. if you have the chance in life to journey to the bottom of the earth to antarctica, you will see it unfolding in dramatic fashion. nbc's kerry sanders is just back from there and has our report tonight. >> reporter: it is the waning days of summer in antarctica and there is an annual race on. penguins are hatching. parents nursing their chicks before the first swim in the southern ocean. often their last because of what lurks below. >> the leopard seal is a number one penguin killer. >> reporter: it's part of the balance of life here. leopard seals eat up to 25 penguins a day. some people say there are only two different types of penguins -- the white ones walking towards you and the black ones walking away. but there are 18 different types of penguins. more than half have reason to worry. >> look at that. >> reporter: in the last 50 years average winter temperatures here have risen 10.7 degrees. the national snow and ice status center measured the lowest
signal about our collective desire to really make positive changes on market. and i know that we obviously can't do the major changes on market until we have studied and environmentally cleared it. but you know, it is challenging when we have items come back for more planning money whether it is a contract amendment or whatever it is. when we have not seen the changes that i know that we all want and i know that you want as well. so i just wanted to put that out there in terms of additional plans for short term trials. >> right, point taken. >> okay. are there any other more? >> as i said we are putting together a list, and i am trying to figure out which can be specifically in short term and working with our materials under advisement under to which would be better set for environmental review and happy to share that with you at a later point. >> thank you. >> sure. >> madam chair? >> madam chair? >> yes, >> hoping that i could follow up on commissioner weiner's comments? >> thank you. >> i have to echo what commissioner weiner just said from my perspective, this feels like grou
and gay marriage rather than the prophetic teaching that's i go unite us like climate change or meeting the needs of the world's poor. >> we've heard a lot of talk about cardinal o'malley from boston. he is 68 years old, credited with cleaning up scandal there's palm beach as well as boston. another organization has been reluctant to post names of offending priests on their website. but there is at least one article that refers to a dozen or so cardinals they believe should not be participating and part of the statement from the daily beast article says as cardinals arrived in rome to choose a flew pontiff, victims of sexual abuse have laid out their case against the top contenders and say even the best options are tainted by the global scandal. do you believe even the best options are tainted? or perhaps there is hope that the person who emerges, a person who come from behind that scarlet curtain there will perhaps bring the church to the next necessary point? >> well, the holy spirit works in mysterious ways and i can't say whether or not the church can fully recover from the abuse sc
that has been notified if you're changing an easement on drum street can you not notify people just do it later . are you going to barge had a without people being given notice that participated every step of the way in those proceedings are the developer clearly participates with you and your staff by what think the public and you're the public in this case thank you. >> thank you any other public comment? >> vice president courtney general manager and council. i'm on behalf of the neighbors. it's interesting that this is the day i had the pleasure of preceding over a project and similar concerns were raised when neighbors had concerns and hired a grtech. let me tell you with all respect you have the cart before the horse here. on february 20th your staff considering the 6 foot easement which would bring the building and portions of subbing structure within four feet of your assessments and the sewer box. two days after that was presented an engineering report prepared by your project manager consultant who works on it which is a subject of today's newspaper article. i'll read a few
changes to the oil industry, he said interim president will keep the oil policy. because that has worked out so well. the minister says venezuela pushing to increase oil output by 500,000 barrels per day this year. iran and pakistan broke ground on a major natural gas pipeline. we attended a ceremony today. u.s. vehemently opposes the project. they say it will damage the impact of sanctions on iran. a weakening u.s. dollar pushed up oil futures for a third session. climbing $0.11 settling at a 2.06 per barrel. up next on "money" from u.s. companies are moving profits offshore at a record pace, the tax revenue could play a big role helping balance the budget. we have the dails. more "money" coming up. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur ♪ melissa: a startling report in the "wall street journal" shows 16 u.s. companies $166
is -- this is our tradition and this is what we're going to da and -- going to do and make change. reporter: we have a little inside information from cardinal dolan. this morning he apparently packed some snacks to eat. he said earlier he hopes it goes quickly. he was a little traumatized by the stories of cardinals being locked in and only being given bread and water, thinking he might need a little sustainan. >> shepard: robert moynihan is here with us, plugged into the system here. there's such a big challenge ahead. many different ways to tackle any number of problems. do you have a sense for how it is the reformers want to begin the process? >> shep i was just thinking how to explain the situation. we have a massive oil favre two or three people trying to put their hands on the steering wheel. for 50 years the church has been trying to become more modern. joseph rat singer -- goa wanted to clean things up. it's also massive. universities, religious orders and a bank. the structure requires organization, and it requires political diplomacy the catholic church used to be the national religious of
to what we heard from them in the past. they want to change medicare for people starting in 2024 and turn it into more of a voucher program where people go out and buy their own private health insurance. they want to block grant things like medicaid and food stamps so that it goes through state funding. it changes from an open entitlement program to something that will only support people as long as the money lasts. and they want to unwind some things that federal government spends money on, like housing giants fannie mae and freddie mac. but these are really policies that we have heard from them before. there wasn't a lot of new substance there. >> brown: in fact you were at the press conference. i was watching a reporter pointed that out to paul ryan. he was sort of... we saw a little bit of it. he was unapologetically continuing on, no matter what happened in the election, right? >> there's a feeling on the part of the house republicans that although the presidential election was lost for the republican party, the house republicans feel like they still maintain the majority in the hous
. then he changed it to paths of prosperity. that's the one he stuck with today. well to paraphrase shakespeare a ryan budget by any other name would still smell unsweet. it would eliminate most of obama-care, it would repeal financial regulation, and it would make major cuts to medicare. sounds great. here he is trying to convince americans that they want this tired 'ol lemon of a plan. >> it's a path to prosperity, a responsible balanced budget. we believe we owe the american people a balanced budget. for the third straight year we've delivered. >> michael: congressman, what you owe the american people is respect. they're smart enough to understand that you introduced the exact same budget during the election and you lost. jay carney today said that the president wants to trim medicare but with a scalpel not an axe. and ryan let slip his real plan for medicare system. >> this to us is something that we're not going to give up on because we're not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the american people. >> michael: that was bushan it was so man. was it a freudi
of the things i want to point out is that in terms of the changes currently taking place in california's criminal justice system is that we have embarked on a very, very large experiment and that's called realignment. prison population in california is going to approach by -- or sometime next year the federal mandate of 130,000. we've already released some 50,000 individuals to serve their time locally, and these offenses that we were talking about here are currently in the list of offenses that were to be served in county jails now. and if the notion here is to provide services and treatment to these individuals from a practical point of view, and i lean heavily on my experience as a misdemeanor prosecutor for all those years when we did possession offenses, when we tried many, many under the influence offenses, especially heroin, i don't see that under the current system that reducing these penalties from felony to misdemeanor is going to have any incentive for this population to obtain treatment. i also do not agree that under this measure that locally there will be additional money
a deposit. look at all the things that we have changed. and change every day. if we can't imagine what is going to happen by christmas time. you don't even have to go to the pharmacy to say, fill this out. pick up a phone, punch in, go and get it. send your kids over. i know. simple point, simple, practical points. the things they you are living, it all in involves technology. am i saying hi to you and applauding you for all of the great things that you are about to do? i just congratulate you on credit and because you were going to learn it and you were going to do it. your kids are going to help you, your grandkids will help you. now there are two very important people. i would like to introduce them to you today. one is a very talented lady, her name is vicki. she is someone, and i will read some of this that you get an idea of who she is. she is a canadian, by the way. that rang a bell. but vicki finds and implement innovative solutions and the social sector. this is something called the planned lifetime advocacy network. the personal support networks. as the executive director of
a strongly center itself, a person, in our brain through its changing itself in a powerful, plastic way. we're also constructed through these same processes to attach to the other people, to the other things we are close to in life. that is the basis of the attachment of the mother to the child or the child to the mother. through millions of the events of contact and interaction, all of those counts in ways that actually grow the child into the person that is the mother. we are constructed to build attachments between mother and child, between friends, across our families, and across our communities. this is something that we have to nourish, that we have to keep alive, that we have to keep healthy. we're constricted to do this in a bridge for by the way our brains are constructed, by the way we are constructed and live our lives. i want to say a special thing about plasticity but that is the son of a process -- that is that the processes in place are reversible. we have studied this, and it demonstrated this to be so. these studies begin by looking at something like an animal like a rat th
or comparable worth was changed in the charter. the unions proposed it. they agreed to it. they wanted the right to bargain about health premiums and about all of these things, and that is why we have the formula, the charter factors that we have and the labor language that we have, so i think that we can do our best as an agency to ensure as i hope we do and i think we do, to ensure that we don't have discriminatory wage setting practices and we do and i don't believe for example if we're having will difficult hiring an industrial painters and we need to increase the pay and does that mean we should look back at a classification from 25 years ago from a study and not our own study and cobbled together in the interest of time from the state of washington, city of concord, a number of other public agencies, so we actually have to respond to what we're obligated to do under the charter and that's what we're doing here. >> and so comparable worth has been changed to a new standard but not everyone is clear to what it is? >> well, i think it's really hard to reconstruct what it is because
-- and we have cards that you could fill out and questions. this promises to be a year of reform and change like we have never seen, and we now see prisoner reentry programs being implemented. we're still spending too much money and resources and not enough on rehabilitation and reentry. this november, the voters will decide on limiting the three strikes law. issues and measures long overdue. it is clear there is much more that needs to be done. according to a study that was published this month -- since 1989, 2000 people have been wrongfully incarcerated and they served collectively, 10,000 years. an average of 11 years person. i would like to thank the people who made this summit possible. memoranda -- amy devon -- many volunteers and all of our speakers and panelists. i would like to thank the co- sponsors, and the bar association of san francisco. i would like to thank them for their help and support. it is my pleasure to introduce the president elect of the bar association of san francisco. they provide conflict attorneys to handle cases when a defender is not available. >> i am the pr
as the solar impulse is in the works to change history. a massive wingspan covered in solar panels collects and stores energy so the plane can be flown day and even at night. >>> also in california, a widower got a disturbing surprise when he realized the woman in the casket was not his wife. the funeral home told him his wife simply looked different because of the embalming process, and it wasn't until another family came forward claiming a body switch that they recognized their mistake. >>> preparations are under way in pacific grove's seal pup season begins. signs are going up warning visitors not to disturb the elephant seals, harbor seals and sea lions. the expectant mothers ready themselves for the births of their pups expected to take place in april and may. >>> top ranked gonzaga strengthened its case with a rout of unranked st. mary's to win the west coast conference final, 65-51. this will be the 15th straight year the zags go to the big dance. >>> in women's college basketball, number one baylor got 31 points from britney griner to capture the big 12 conference championship. the
cases against goulet while in the army were dropped in change for accepting less than honorable discharge saying he could have been in jail rather than preying on women and killing two police detectives. goulet ambushed sergeant butch laker and elizabeth butler before he was killed. >> the city council of santa cruz will tackle the growing homeless problem. there is renewed focus in finding a long term solution after 100 were moved out of the tent city last friday from a park. city leaders offering sweeping proposals and a memo and will look at more affordable housing operations, increased enforcement, and encouraging faith-based groups to stop feeding the homeless and, instead, shift their efforts to finding housing. >> president obama begins making the first of three rare trips to capitol hill today to meet with rank and file lawmakers for a budget. he will speak with senate democrats and house of representatives republicans tomorrow. on thursday, president obama will be back again for meeting with house of representatives democrats and senate republicans house g.o.p. budget c
someone would want to do. you will get a tax credit. if you need to make changes in the structure of your premises, there are also tax credits for that. most of these cases start with a letter. a demand letter. that is usually signed not by a lawyer, but by it up plaintive. the plaintiff may not be a professional plaintiff. that does not make any difference. the defense has been tried in court. is a civil rights statute. -- it is a civil rights statute. they can be a perfectly legitimate plaintiffs to bring a lawsuit, and there are a number of people who belong to disability organizations that actually, that is what their livelihood is, bringing these lawsuits. the gentleman over here, who was also a lawyer knows of at least one case involving two lawsuits. they started all neighborhoods. the target places like san francisco because this is an old city with old buildings, virtually none of which comply. we only have new construction that would be billed to 1988 compliance standards, usually. whatever kind of business you have, the building part does not enforce ada compliance. you have yo
, if you keep your coverage, and it meets the requirement -- you don't change the coverage. for example, you cannot significantly reduce or cut benefits. you cannot raise co-insurance charges. you cannot significantly raise the compayment charges. you cannot significantly raise deductibles. big question out there and i don't have an an increase, but trying to find out is there any way for an employer to provide money to the employee to buy their individual coverage? and you just heard that hra are not a viable option. when i asked about 125 and cafeteria plans, i'm getting mixed answers and i'm not sure that the irs has determined what exactly the answer is. maybe you know more than i do, but if it is going to be able to get that money to the employee on a pre-tax basis, that could have significant ramifications to an employer on whether they provide insurance or they don't provide insurance. so it's out there, and when you look at the subsidies, especially if you are under $50,000 in income, the subsidies are really, really significant for the employee and their dependents. so that
have got to change the trajectory of this country. we capital sustain ourselves if we go to $20 trillion, $20 trillion debt. whether you're a democrat, republican, libertarian, whatever you are, independent, you should want a strong monetary policy and a strong economic policy. and we have got a few more years left, and this is a good start right here in the senate if we can get this bill up and pass it and the house will do something. we will fund the government until september 30, which we are supposed to do. that way we can start on the 14 budget -- the 2014 budget and maybe go to regular order is what we would like in the appropriation process and not go from crisis to crisis. what we have done in the house and the senate and the white house is involved in this, too, in recent years, we have gone from -- lurched from crisis to crisis, and then we come up to the deadline and people say oh, we have got to have certainty, so we kick the can down the road just a few more yards, but that's not the way to do business. this country is too important. the business community needs cer
relationship is first established and annually in paper form, even if no policy changes have occurred. my bill would require institutions to provides these notices only if they have changed the policy or practice related to the privacy of the consumer. this may seem like a simple little change, but its impact on financial institutions is significant. requiring these institutions to send annual notices even when no changes have made are redundant, unnecessary and costly. mr. speaker, this bill will permit financial institutions to redirect these resources towards lending, staffing and lowering the cost of financial services. for consumers, these mailings typically serve to clog up mailboxes and confuse even the best of us. in fact, a recent voter survey indicated that fewer than one quarter of the consumers read the privacy notifications they receive and over 3/4 would be more likely to read them if they were only sent when the institution changed its policies. this bill will make the mailings more significant stop consumers because they would only come after a change in policy. let me reiterat
: tonight, a rift in the gop: some deny global warming, others deny climate change. [laughter] then, hollywood takes on gun safety. and yet they ignore how many younglings are cut down by light sabers. [laughter] and my guest, roger hodge, is editor of the oxford american magazine, which has been called the "new yorker of the south." the dogs in their cartoons don't go to psychiatrists, they go to shooting ranges. [laughter] ted nugent will attend the state of the union tonight. or as deer call it, the greatest night of their lives. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] come on! [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] thank you very much. , ladies and gentlemen. thank you for joining us. welcome to the broadcast. [cheers and applause] thank you so much for your love and support. you know i can't do this show without you. this show is for you. this show is to look out for what is coming in your life. [cheers and applause] and, folks, tonight i got your back, folks. as you know, toni
, the approval of the keystone pipeline, and it opens federal lands for drilling. major changes for medicare and medicaid. by 2024, medicaid patients would be able to choose between medicaid and a private plan. it also includes means testing for wealthy seniors. as for medicaid, that becomes part of a block grant program that would be administered by states. let me bring in "usa today's" washington bureau chief, susan page, and perry bacon. i want to start with paul ryan who laid out a lot of details in this op-ed in the "wall street journal" today. here's part of what he writes. "the truth is, the nation's death is a sign of overreach. government is trying to do too much, and when government does too much, it doesn't do anything well. so a balanced budget is a reasonable goal, because it returns government to its proper limits and focus." this seems, susan, pretty consistent with the position that republicans have had. so is there more a statement of what the republicans want, sort of a show piece here? >> it's interesting, chris, we've seen in the last week or two some better, more biparti
and change whereas brent is so high and of course, our gasoline is priced up at brent because of the mismatch of the non-federal policy on energy and everywhere we don't need it. we don't have keystone yet and we can't get the refiners and they used to have the right oil and they're all for heavy oil. >> you mentioned two problems that require the federal government to have a response. an energy policy and an immigration policy. neither of which yet exists. >> no. 6:30 dinner is sacrosanct at the white house, and we know when we have congress people on they seem to want to spitball each other and throw mud. i don't see the consensus developing. everyone thinks the market can take care of itself. you can't. the cng, compressed natural gas, so the companies want gas, but they want the -- you can't do what's uponed without the federal government. not subsidies, but just law. >> let's switch gears here and talk about apple. jefferies is cutting its price target from $420 a share from $500 while maintaining a hold on it. asia channel checks have led him to cut revenues to the low end of current qu
here in san francisco are critical to making sure that all communities have access to life changing technologies. [applause] high-speed internet connections make it possible for patients in rural areas to consult with medical specialists who are hundreds of miles away, for students to take online classes and universities across the country, and for governments to deliver services more efficiently and more easily to their constituents. for seniors, especially those whose families may live in different states or in different countries, broadband allows families to bond together in a way that telephone just never did. my own parents and all live in mexico city, and we are lucky because we both of broadband connections in our home. if a few weeks ago we got on skype. we set up the computer in our kitchen, and they set it up in their dining room but they instructed my husband and me as we tried to make one of their favorite meals. and they kind of scoffed when we were beating the dough too much and smiled when we had an almost round 40 a. for us, it is a the best way to connect because t
to change this. >> also. facebook executive cheryl sandberg dives head first into the he shall of women and the way they are treated in the workplace. >> all that coming later on jimmy kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez bob and my dramatic one-on-one sit down with mark wahlberg who finally confesses that he 40's boston. i knew sf about.fro >> this week the head of the transportation security administration plans to defend his decision to allow some knives back on airplanes. the new tsa policy would allow fol foldable knives with blades up to 2.36 inches as carry on items. fen i was in. tsa head will testify before a house homeland security committee this thursday. he's going to talk about how it will affect security lines and how assessment determined small naivs couldn't cause catastrophic damage in airplane cabin. the decision has been criticized by airline employee groups. >> we do not need these blades on board. these will be concealed weapons. and there were blades that were smaller than this that caused all the damage that took place on september 11. >> new
unintended consequences. even though supervisor yee is correct that in the future maybe you can make changes, it's often very, very hard to change these things once they're in place. as supervisor campos and i have been working on the alcohol mission youth district, dramatic, dramatic restrictions on alcohol in the mission 20 years ago to address certain concerns and a hammer was used instead of something a little more nuanced. so, we're seeing significant problems today and we're really struggling with how to address the problems created by that -- for those zoning restrictionses. and we've seen it in other areas as well. we see an issue, we impose a categorical response and it causes issues. we've seen it in these certain neighborhoods there are questions about the pdr. is pdr defined broadly enough? does it need to be zoned that way in every instance? i think it is a fair discussion to have. i do understand that i don't appear to be in the majority of this, and that's fine. i wanted to explain where i was coming from. so, thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. just some final words.
in this room and many of us working together took on the story changes for our city some of which have vexed for years >> years. i'm proud that together we through innovation and we foerjd our way ahead. to the city commissioners and to the department heads and to our friends in the business, labor you think non-profit and other communities who spent countless hours with us in negotiations and to the great people of san francisco who rewarded us with your support at ballet in san francisco thank you, very much. together we're putting san francisco back on the right track and building a solid foundation for all our residents. my fellow san francisco's we're living in a time of astonishing innovation and unlimited process we're driving that innovation and for or against the future right here right now not just for san francisco but for the whole world. within the lab of our technologies we're developing techniques will will save lives. to our market district we're providing the world with tools to live in the chewing print with 3-d or even topple dock - we're fashioned our food that bears th
, to be the leader of a world religion of over a billion people in a world that's constantly changing, in a church that's suffered much over the past years because of difficulties and scandals, a government that the church -- that needs some adjusting at present, that's no secret. and so anyone who's going to come into this job knows what's before him on this table. >> pelley: well, with the bells of st. peter's tolling behind us father tom rosica, thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure to be with you. >> pelley: in afghanistan, two americans and two afghans were killed today in an attack in wardack province. an afghan wearing a police uniform opened fire on them at a joint military base. he was killed in the shootout. ten americans were wounded. this appears to be the latest in a series of insider attacks adding to rising tension between the afghan and u.s. governments. charlie d'agata is at our bureau there kabul tonight. charlie you've just come back from a mission that involved both u.s. and afghan forces working side by side. what's the relationship like? >> reporter: scott, things seem a lo
skeptical about this. because of some changes they decided not to change the age at which the medicare changes would begin hitting. republicans have been promising for years now that if you are 55 you will not have to worry about these medicare changes. now the moderates do seem to be on board on the gop conference. host: on the senate side, "the washington times closed what reporting this morning -- it is winning support from other republicans like senator mark o. rubio from florida. talk about that. guest: the senate budget is a little bit more notable in the sense that since 2009 the senate democrats passed the budget. this is going to be a significant political test for them. the senate makes the process more difficult for the democrats over there in the budget speech. they have only a -- they cannot lose a single vote or else the vote would be deadlocked 11-11. patty murray, the chairwoman, has to appease the independent from vermont who causes of the socialist and centrist like mark warner. it is very difficult and they are having trouble over there. the next thing that happens f
it and the policy was changed during the past several weeks. this confirms that there was something wrong with that policy. common sense also is if you're going to be responsible for something and you've not even told there's a bill awe you including for 1 hundred and 35 days that's 5 months later and you're going to be no evidence like that. if anyone here is substantial to that - who practices beyond you all. i spoke to the city attorneys and they believe that the 5 months would be unfair too. so at this point they're going to place a lien on our building i don't want to do. if the city commission is saying this is good policy we know there are an unfair policy that's since been changed even when there was an unfair policy we have to go to small claims court. i'm here again to inquiry what i can do. >> thank you, mr. lee and somehow, i think we should get this resolved. >> please yes, that's all i want. my parents bill is $8,000. my parents didn't know about this until 1 hundred and 35 days later and that's when the bills had awe included at that point. i don't know what to do i helpe
because the times they are changing. >> what is different about this vehicle is it is more compact. >> lieutenant peter is showing off pleasant hill's newest police car. it's called a police intercepter, but looks more like a ford taurus. it has front wheel drive and a more fuel efficient engine and designed to handle all the modern communications equipment. >> this car was built with all the electronics in mind. so it's more efficient and you don't have to worry about dead batteries and things like that. >> demand for leaner cars has caused exeans like ford, gm, and dodge to retool their offerings, but these vehicles are the work space for patrol officers and they'll have to get used to less spacious surroundings. >> officers nowadays, many more are much more physically fit and they can sit in a vehicle a lot better. >> the tighter quarters will be noticeable for those who end up in the backseat as well. >> i don't think it would be a comfortable fit. fortunately, pleasant hill isn't that large of a city. so the trip from anywhere, some person got arrested to the jail isn't
throughout the day. >> shawn likes what he sees. >> it's nice. but honestly it doesn't change my day to day life. >> what are people doing about it? one sold some of his boeing stock and moved it to cash. another is concerned that a muni bond fund may be part of a bubble. >> i'm feeling pressure to move that money out of there. >> when we asked people on twitter what they're doing, most said they are checking them more often and a few are starting to make changes. >> contemplating dumping bonds but can't find a good alternative. moved half from equities to money market. got a bad feeling. but it was countered, adding more risk as long as big ben is here, so am i. >> advisors are being bombarded with questions about where to go from here. >> it's not about timing the market. it's about time in the market. >> in the meantime it's de ja vu all over again. back to the days when checking your 401k was something you looked forward to rather than dreaded. >> well the rise in stocks may have many americans feeling better about their portfolios. the ceo of general electric today warned that overregu
judg decided a compliance director was needed to monitor further changes. that director is thomas frazier and he starts today. >> that's our obligation. thomas frazier had the capacity to did that. >> he's not the only one loo looking for results. >> well the balance is work of in progress if the city of oakland. >>reporter: refuse wren cummings is watching frazier too. in his role as community organizer he wants to find a balance between safe street and what he calls responsible policing. >> i think there's different kind of attitude. willingness to listen to the community and to be working if partnership. >>reporter: back at lucky barber shop the exclusion appears to be a simple as tight fade. >> i think we need more avenue and more areason a for to us get together to solve these problems. >>reporter: as compliance director frazier will earn annual salary of 2 70,000 dollars a year. also come with the authority to fire or demotel members of the police department. including the chief. at police headquarters this is 7 news. >> let's switch gear talk about the weather for a
. because of technology, because of things changing so rapidly. it is a brand new world. vicki, thank you for the importance of that network and everything else. thank you. next, i want to introduce you to a gentleman. he is tall, dark, handsome. sorry, that was me. wrong script. [laughter] you, too, right? it's your birthday, right? ok. in all seriousness, a gentleman by the name of dmitri is here. i want you to meet him. his name is dmitri belzer. he has worked in the disability community for years providing technology access for more than 30 years. trained as a sign language expert and interpreter, he established a death services program ast san francisco state university, provided support services for colleges. we don't call them disabled. they happen to have a disability. he joined pacific bell, helped organize honda the advisory group for people that happen to have a disability. he gave them put to that company on how to develop features that will help them do better. he became the director of death and disabled services. he was executive director for berkeley in 2001. under dmitri'
programs. >> north korea will have to change course. otherwise the united states will continue to work with its allies and partners to tighten national/international sanctions. >> the sanctions will block the foreign trade bank of north korea from engaging in transactions with u.s. financial institutions. members of president barack obama's administration also placed restrictions on four senior officials of the korean workers party. they're expected to ask their allies in japan, south korea, and other countries to take similar measures. some members of congress are urging the president to review his north korea policy. obama is expected to ask officials in beijing to use their influence in dealing with pyongyang. >>> japanese researchers have claimed the world's first in the field of alternative energy. they've successfully extracted natural gas from methane hydrate that lies in the sea bed. officials with the natural resources and energy say engineers extracted the gas from the frozen substance earlier tuesday. they've been drilling for methane hydrate hundreds of meters below japan's
polk street and to change it from less parking. one has nothing do with the other when it comes to mta and that is what i am presenting to you that hopefully you look at in the future, not necessarily the merits of this one is good and this is one bad or whatever. the idea that they are thinking one has nothing to do with the other. one block away, two major streets with a lot of changes in parking and traffic. hopefully you will look at it in the future. thank you. >> great. thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comments is closed. new business? >> commissioners item 16, new business. >> i would like to add two things. i would like to see if we can have dpw come and just talk about those programs. sf clean sweep and the graffiti project at one of the meetings and maybe at a future meeting, because that is really key what steve just said. >> the merchants on polk street would like to like that opportunity to come and speak about the proposal, and just kind of air it out and hear what we have to say. >> yes. because that is becoming a problem in other areas, too.
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